“There is nothing like oratory;
it is a skill that can turn a commoner into a king.”

– Sir Winston Churchill


The Oratory Project (T.O.P.) is a mission-based service offered by Matt Eventoff and Princeton Public Speaking.

Our program focuses on delivering customized, proprietary workshops to enhance the communication skills of "at-risk" young adults in order to empower them, help them gain confidence and help them grow professionally.

The Oratory Project model is built upon offering our workshops strictly through partner organizations.

The workshops are 100% free for participants.


In The Oratory Project's proven, proprietary workshops, young adults receive proven communication training to help them become more impactful communicators.

We work on presentation skills, executive presence, networking with influencers, nonverbal communication, interview skills and numerous other communication related skills.

Through our workshops, The Oratory Project trains "at-risk" young adults to effectively find and utilize their voices.

  • Contact/Get Involved

    Workshops occur throughout the United States and abroad, and always occur in partnership with a host organization.

    In addition, we currently have two ongoing monthly workshops in the NYC area - one for young women in recovery and one for young adults.

    We are always interested in discussing future collaboration.

    While T.O.P. does not accept donations, please visit The FARM Team, which does extraordinary work with at-risk young adults.

    For more information or to discuss collaboration, please contact